Hey, I am Richa Kedia- traveler, artist and photographer, overall a restless soul who truly believes life is beautiful and there is so much to learn and explore in the world around. I truly believe one should try a new thing everyday to maintain passion in life and happiness can be found in only the little things in life. Observing the color of the sky, the aroma of wet earth after rains, watching the peacocks dance, hearing the sound of the gushing river or the resounding ocean waves are some of the little things that give me great joy.

Why Obsessive?

When I am not traveling, I am thinking about my next travel, hence obsessive. My passion for travel started with my first job as I was stationed at Chandigarh- the foothills of Himalayas. Thus almost every weekend I will grab my bag and take a bus to any place in Himalayas or drive across Punjab. Thus my obsession for travel was born and my passion for photography developed as an offshoot of my travel.

Many people would regard obsessive as a negative connotation but I don’t as it is the obsession about my art, photography and travel that has driven me to finally give up my comfortable corporate job and pursue my passions fulltime. It is only the obsessions and passions that make life interesting.

My Style of Travel

I mostly travel solo and as a backpacker. I love to meet real people in different cultures and learn their stories and life experiences. I also love exploring history and legends associated with different places. Given my proximity to Himalayas, I have a predilection of mountains over sea and of trekking over any other activity.

There are many people who are perpetual vagabounds, just traveling all the time. Somehow although I love traveling, I need to return home after sometime. The longest period that I have traveled continuously without getting back home has been 1.5 months. When you return home after traveling, though everything at home might be the same, yet you feel different as something within you has changed, changing your perspective. Perhaps some of the things which greatly affected the change in me I try and record though my art and photography.

Where All have I Been?

I am fortunate enough to be based in India as it is a country with such eclectic cultures, history, topography and traveling within the country is so slow that a lifetime is also not sufficient to cover the country. Each state in India is like a country, with its own language and culture. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to all states in India except the 7 north eastern states at least once, with more travels concentrated in the north of course.

Besides India, thus far, I have also been to Japan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy and UK. I usually try and cover one country outside India every year and several trips within India.

Why Should You Follow My Blog?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  This blog is a medium of sharing some of my experiences as a solo female traveler and also my art and photography inspired by my travel.

If you are looking at travel tips on a particular destination, or safety norms for traveling solo as a female or assistance to plan your travel itinerary or just inspiration for your next travel, please feel free to drop in a message and I will revert back to you at the earliest.

Please do write back for any comments/ queries/ suggestions!! Also please do share your experiences as well as I would love to hear back and connect with a fellow traveler. Also all my photographs are for sale so please write back in case you like any and can be shipped across to you.

Happy travels to you!!

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